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Here at Beach Bible Student Ministry, we champion the gospel and is the core for effective student ministry. We desire for students to be transformed by the gospel and become vessels for the gospel. 



Our student ministry is designed to engage, equip, and empower Jr.High and High School students with God's Word to provide them with a strong Biblical worldview, so that they can navigate through life along with all of its challenges and complexities in a way that honors and glorifies God.



Wednesday nights

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What took place on the mountain? Why was it so great? Jesus actually said some of the strangest things on this mountain, and some of his most profound statements. The teachings that he taught to the people that were there with him— literally rocked their world!


The Sermon on the Mount is probably the best-known part of the teaching of Jesus, though arguably it is the least understood, and certainly it is the least obeyed. 


If I can sum up the sermon on the mount in one phrase it would be this: It’s God’s people, living God’s way. Join us on Wednesday nights and be transformed by the words of Jesus and see what authentic Christianity looks like.

In the world today we are seeing such a radical influx of students who are experiencing emotional, mental, and physical stress at an alarming rate. There are a variety of reasons for this rise in the unhealthy state of our minds, bodies, and souls; ultimately it comes down to a lack of peace in our lives. We want students leaving camp knowing Jesus, and realizing that He alone brings stability in our lives in the midst of chaos! Sign-ups will be starting soon! We hope you can join us for this retreat! It will be open to both jr high and high school students!



Join us for Beach services help on the golden sands of Huntington Beach! We will be meeting from 6-8pm, by tower 15 fire pits. 

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